About Us

Packaging Group LLC provides unique and exquisite commercial printing solutions.  Our team is proficient in consultation, graphic design, and the production of custom packaging to give your products the professional and attractive look they deserve.  We are dedicated to excellence when it comes to delivering premium packaging, printed with state-of-the-art techniques, at competitive prices.


Our experts want you to rest easy knowing that your project is in the skilled and capable hands of Packaging Group LLC.  We strive to exceed the expectations of you and your customers by focusing on and perfecting even the smallest of details, in order to bring your packaging to life.  We want your products to jump off the shelves at your customers, who will be compelled and allured by the elegance of design and premium feel.


The graphic designers and marketing experts at Packaging Group LLC are ready to turn your dream packaging into a reality.  The design specialists can work with any challenge you bring us, from starting fresh with an idea you have to tweak or retrofitting your already established design.  Our highly skilled and experienced creative team is excited to produce an eye-catching and memorable design for you.


At Packaging Group LLC, we understand that every project has different requirements.  To offer a wide range of solutions for each client’s unique needs, our team is diverse and consists of many integral parts.  We have access to multiple printing locations, locally and overseas, all using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your finished product looks better and costs less than the competition.  Our mailing and customer service address is located in the United States, but we deliver exquisite packaging solutions worldwide.


We are dedicated to our clients here at Packaging Group LLC.  We have team members available to customers 24/6.  Each project receives the full commitment of our team and complete access to the vast resources we have available to fulfill your custom packaging needs.  We prioritize eco-friendly production methods.  We will meet or beat the deadline set for your project while exceeding your expectations with our stellar customer service, exceptional design, and unrivaled final product.

We are available for our customers 24/6. For placing your orders, requesting your specifications or any other relevant query, you can call us from Monday to Saturday. We also welcome feedback from our esteemed customers.

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